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Duo Obax

Featured on ABC Classic’s ‘Best of Australian Classical Music’ playlist, husband-and-wife team Duo Obax (oboist Briana Leaman and saxophonist Joseph Lallo) offer a unique soundscape that seeks to reflect the dynamism and beauty of the Australian aesthetic. To this end, Duo Obax have commissioned much of their repertoire from Australian composers including Ross Edwards, Kate Tempany, Nicholas Russioniello, Omid Shayan, and Luke Severn. In 2021, Duo Obax and pianist Yasmin Rowe released Severn’s instrumental song cycle, and other lines, on the ABC Classic label, which has since become a regular feature on ABC Classic’s FM radio and streaming playlists. Duo Obax have given performances in Australia, Singapore and the United States, and were featured artists at the inaugural Gippsland Fine Music Festival in 2022. 

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