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Following a performance of Mimi's Symphony with Justine Clarke and George Ellis


Duo Obax and Clifford Leaman in concert at Tempo Rubato

Melbourne, VIC

Duo Obax at the Elder Conservatorium of Music

Adelaide, SA

After a lesson with Maurice Bourgue

Paris, France

Duo Obax and Yasmin Rowe in Singapore

Duo Obax on Southeastern U.S. Tour:

Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN and University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC) 


With the crew for the World Premiere of The Dressmaker musical production

Strasbourg France 2014-2016

Master of Music Studies

Final headshot from the HEAR

Performance at the Palais Rohan to welcome new corporate men and women to Strasbourg 

Masterclass with Mario Dani

Conservatoire de Strasbourg 2016

Performance at the Palais Rohan for the Prix Europe award ceremony

Duo Aphelion

with French accordionist, Dorine Duchez

Performing at SaxOpen in Strasbourg, France

July 2015:

Chamber performance of a world premiere by Braxton Blake

Performance with the Orchestra Philharmonique de Strasbourg (rehearsal seen here)

With oboist (left) Sébastien Giot and condcuctor (right) Theodor Guschlbauer after a rehearsal as part of the Académie d'Orchestre with the Orchestre Philharmonique de Strasbourg 

Final concert for year 1 masters in Strasbourg, France-Mozart Oboe Concerto

U.S. Tour

Masterclasses at the University of South Carolina and Converse College, recital for an American premier and solo piece, and lecture about study abroad

South Carolina, February 2016

Photos from top left to right:

Following the Concert, teaching at the University of South Carolina, giving a talk on studying abroad at the University of South Carolina

Final Concert with the

Greenville Symphony Orchestra February 2015

Photography by Evan Clark

Summer Study in

Strasbourg, Alsace, France 2013

At the Cathédral Notre Dame de Strasbourg

Strasbourg, France


University of South Carolina Concert Choir

Spain Tour 2013


Double Reeds after the final performance in Madrid, Spain

Toledo, Spain

 Avila, Spain

University of South Carolina Wind Ensemble

China Tour 2012

The Oboes in the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing, China

With the University of South Carolina Concert Poster in Shaoxing, China


On the Great Wall of China

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